"Straight A's 4 eva"
- Series 1
"I'm just full of bright ideas"
- Glitter Series


Series 1 Edit

Teacher's Pet has crimson hair red bangs, tied into two buns with turquoise bows. She has black eyebrows, turquoise eyes, red lips and freckles on her cheeks. She wears black hipster glasses, a school attire; which composes of a white polo or top with a black tie, and a skirt which is dark blue and turquoise in an argyle pattern. She also has black school shoes and white highlights, and white socks.

Glitter Edit

Teacher's pet has glittery crimson hair with bangs, tied into two buns with turquoise bows. She retains her facial features. She wears a white sweater with turquoise highlights, a black bow on the center of the sweater, and a white shirt or a tank top underneath it. She also wears glittery dark blue shorts and teal sneakers with white laces and soles, and white socks with black lines. She also wears black hipster glasses.

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